Building an Organization through Growth and Transformation

Grayscale is a division of PierceGray focused on Mid-Level Operations and Supply Chain Team Builds. We customize our processes to support a range of talent needs – from an individual strategic hire to a full team build. Partnering with operations executives and human resources professionals, Grayscale leverages its extensive network and functional expertise to build high-performing teams 

Partnership Models

Our experience spans across industries and covers nearly every operations and supply chain function.  For over a decade, we have built high-performing teams in Fortune 100, Fortune 1000, and Private Equity environments

Our Approach


Our Mission is to Build Tomorrow’s Great Operations Teams

the Kind that Help Companies Perform, Grow, and Win

Talent to Scale

Expertise Across Operations



  • Grayscale is highly focused on building Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams, connecting our clients with a network of high-caliber talent 


  • As organizations scale, they require outside talent to build new functions and mature their operations and supply chain processes. Grayscale connects our clients with talent that help organizations perform, grow, and win


  • Grayscale leverages its network to attract talent into key markets across the country to drive operational excellence and commercial success



  • Grayscale has built Operations teams for over a decade across Fortune 100, Fortune 1000, and Private Equity clients. We understand the needs of an organization in rapid growth and transformation


  • Our team members worked in operations before founding Grayscale; We are passionate and knowledgeable about the functions and teams we help build and scale


  • Our clients need talent to solve the problems of today. Our team assesses experience and expertise, identifying candidates who can grow and solve the demands of an organization in motion