Building Tomorrow’s Great Leadership Teams

We are a trusted executive search firm that partners with clients involved in growth and business transformation. Our work is building great leadership teams that make change happen. From a network of office locations, we serve a range of sectors, including consumer, industrials, health care, energy, technology, and services. Our primary functional practice areas are: operations leadership, commercial leadership, and corporate leadership.


A Culture of Collaboration

We operate as one firm when it comes to client service, leveraging our full resources – regardless of location or sector – on every engagement. The concept of collaboration extends to our approach with clients. We meet stakeholders in person, we visit their operating facilities, and we understand their culture.

Committed to Client Service

When a client calls with a leadership need, they are seeking the speed and accuracy upon which our firm has built its reputation in search. Getting the right result means not only working smart, but also being nimble and entrepreneurial. At all levels, we embrace the work required to produce exceptional results.

Operating with Expertise

We invest in knowledge. From our assessment methodologies, to our data assets and industry practitioners, we view our success as a direct function of our IP and knowledge. Advancement at PierceGray likewise is tied to making meaningful contributions to our industry and functional practice areas.

Invested in Relationships

Our ability to navigate to the right talent – and our joy in doing so – is directly connected to treating people with respect and seeing all interactions as contributing to long term relationships. From our founding team to our newest consultants, we build authentic human connections with clients and candidates alike.

Guiding with the Truth

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients, and we think about success based on the impact and results our placements achieve. To help clients make the best decisions, we embrace transparency, acknowledge the pros and cons of options, and have the courage to share our insights with grace and respect.

Focused on Organic Growth

We operate as a partnership, and we are as proud of our own team as we are of the ones we build for our clients. We have grown every year since our founding, and we have done so by investing in our people at all levels. Every day, the team at PierceGray is building the firm we are becoming tomorrow.

Commitment to Diversity

At PierceGray, we focus on building leadership teams and we believe that the most impactful teams are diverse. We recognize our role in shaping the composition of our clients’ teams as well as the impact we have on the lives of our candidates, and we are committed to running an equitable and inclusive hiring process. We pledge to:

  • Execute creative research and networking strategies that build a diverse pipeline of candidates.
  • Create equal access to our work by publicly posting our client’s roles in an accessible manner.
  • Adhere to processes and legislation that support pay equity and transparency.
  • Combat unconscious bias in decision making through active advisory to our clients and strict compliance to our processes.

Our Journey

Our founders came from the operations practices of world-class consulting firms. When supporting clients, they recognized that the underlying issue often involved the talent in the organizations they were serving. So rather than serve clients via short-term consulting engagements, they decided to create PierceGray – to help growing companies build great, self-reliant leadership teams.

Our growth as a firm – across industries, functions and regions – has been intentional and organic. We make ongoing investments in our people, assessment methodologies and practice areas. And we always treat each new client as if they were our first. As a result, we have built a distinctive culture, search process and executive network that clients have come to trust.

As a professional services firm, we pride ourselves on a results-oriented culture made up of committed, intelligent, collaborative team members. We invest in people who are passionate about solving human capital challenges and fundamentally motivated by the impact of our work – because finding the right leader unlocks the potential of an organization and the people within it.

If you are interested in joining our team, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at