Lorem ipsum has become the industry standard for design mockups and prototypes. By adding a little bit of Latin to a mockup, you’re able to show clients a more complete version of your design without actually having to invest time and effort drafting copy.

But despite all its benefits, seeing the same random Latin text in every design can get a little boring for you and your clients. So if you have a client who’s got a sense of humour or if you’re just tired of going the traditional route in your mockups, here are 15 creative and funny lorem ipsum text generators that are sure to lighten the mood at any client meeting.

It’s quite common that website designers don’t have the right written content at hand when they’re creating new websites for clients. There are a few reasons for this.

Their client may not have given them any content while they’re designing the site so they’ll need to populate each page so they can make it look better for presentation.The good news is that there are loads of free lorem ipsum generator tools and sites to help you write whatever you want, whether it’s complete gibberish or maybe it has specific themed content that uses English words.

The blind text generator gives you a range of options when it comes to creating what you need. You can choose how many characters, words or paragraphs to use, the type and size of the font that’s used, spacing and font styles.

You don’t even have to use Latin. There are various options for the wording that’s used. Some are different Latin versions and others are in English and tell stories.

So it’s really left to you to decide whether to use an English version or not. You may elect to play around with options on your site to see what looks better before making the final choice. Remember, you can replace your chosen copy as often as you like because you don’t pay for anything.